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HR Outsourcing Service

The Benefits

The main benefit is that you have your own Copiae HR professional who meets with you when you have a difficult or complex issue to deal with. This is in addition to the telephone helpline (NOT a call centre) to your dedicated Copiae HR professional for all those routine queries and questions you have on your HR responsibilities. As a busy director or HR manager it is not easy keep up with all the new legislation and case law that affects your business so Copiae also does that for you. Another advantage is that Copiae provides you with all the right tools and processes to get the best out of your employees which can include training your managers to effectively deal with the day to day issues whilst improving their team's performance.

Your dedicated HR professional takes the time to get to know your business and culture so they are immediately familiar with your situation as well as being interested in your business. This means the service is tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives at a fraction of the cost. This enables them to take you through a structured approach to deliver the most cost effective, business focused HR strategy for you and realise the business benefits you seek.

All of our HR professionals are highly qualified with a wide range of practical experience up to Director level in a wide range of organisations, and will deliver a tailored service according to Copiae's People Management Charter. The testimonials below are evidence of this.


“Copiae has worked with us for many years now and has been particularly supportive to us through several major and complex changes on the HR side in the last year. We have found the service to be so much more than just a helpline – it is like having our own personnel department when you need them. They visit you when required giving support at every stage and have covered every aspect of HR that we ever needed, such great value for money.”

Antony Wilshaw, Director, WLG Ltd.

"We have been through a lot of changes and due to the diverse nature of our workforce there are always a lot of employee issues to deal with. Copiae has helped greatly by attending frequent meetings with myself and employees to chat through problems, explain changes, conduct disciplinary hearings, and write letters and policies."

Andrew Philpot, General Manager, Temco Services (UK) Ltd.

"Copiae have made a huge difference to my business since it has been advising us on HR matters. As a rapidly expanding, ever-changing business we have relied heavily on the excellent support and guidance from Copiae. There is no doubt their support has saved us huge amounts of time and saved us a lot of money too!"

Managing Director of an international freight company


The Service

Get the very best out of your people with this comprehensive range of HR services. Avoid the cost and inconvenience of conflict with disgruntled employees. Engage one of our professional HR business partners who will help you to successfully select and recruit the right individuals, motivate them to perform, improve their skills and reward them equitably to perform. Your HR business partner from Copiae will help you to effectively address poor performance, to deal with grievances, to carry out redundancies, resolve workplace conflicts and follow disciplinary procedures correctly using the best techniques. Copiae gives you practical support in proactively dealing with your HR issues before they become a problem and a significant expense. The objective is to do it right first time and solve the issue internally so you can get on with your business.

Your professional HR business partner will provide you with the right processes and procedures to deal with all your HR requirements and support you personally throughout any HR issue.

You choose the service that exactly matches your needs from a basic HR administration service or individual assignments that deal with a specific issue to the comprehensive HR Outsourcing Service.

Copiae's HR Outsourcing Service

- The 4 Key Stages

Stage One: Legal compliance

Updating your employment policies and procedures.
Guiding and supporting you in handling grievances and disciplinary issues.
Advising you through the correct stages and procedures for redundancy.
Making sure you comply with equal opportunities and diversity legislation.

Stage Two: Reducing costs
Guiding and supporting you through recruitment, selection and retention of the right people.
Developing practices and policies to minimise absenteeism.
Providing advice on job grading, salaries and benefits.

Stage Three: Improving performance.
Sharing good practice and new ideas to motivate staff and improve performance.
Advising on effective approaches to performance appraisal.
Guiding and supporting you in dealing with poor performance.
Advising and supporting you to manage workplace stress.

Stage Four: Developing Talent.
Sharing good practice on developing business objectives for people.
Advising on training and development to meet your business needs.
Providing guidance on succession planning.
Sharing good practice and approaches to identifying and managing talent in your workforce.

N.B. the above is not a definitive list and the precise nature and order of delivery of the service will depend on your specific culture, business objectives, type of workforce and needs.



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