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PAL Executive Coaching

The Service

Executive Coaching is about performing at your best through the individual and private assistance of someone who will challenge, stimulate & guide you to keep growing. It is a partnership that helps clients produce the improved results they select. The focus is on moving successful people forward more rapidly, giving clients greater confidence and supporting them in striving for their optimum performance.

Performance, Achievement, Leadership is Copiae’s structured approach to Executive Coaching. Always confidential and client centred it is tailored to meet both personal and business objectives where there is a sponsoring organisation. Your PAL coach applies proven tools and methods to meet your specific needs.

The sort of people that benefit from the PAL™ Executive Coaching program are Board Executives/Owner Managers, Key Managers, Future Leaders and the Newly Promoted.

Typical questions coaching can tackle?

  • What are my key objectives, and how best can I achieve them?
  • What could I do differently/better?
  • What is holding me back?
  • What have I achieved in the last 2 years?
  • What are my key challenges?
  • What plans do I have to tackle them?
  • How better could I be?
  • What potential do I have?
  • What type of manager am I?
  • How do I need to change?
  • How do I spend my time?
  • How can I be more productive?
  • What stretch aims do I have?
  • Can I do more?
  • What do I want to achieve currently & in my future career?
  • What key competencies do I need to acquire to be successful?

The CIPD’s Training and Development Survey (2005) showed that over 90% of executives value one-to-one coaching as No 1 for effective performance improvement. Coaching brings:

  • a positive impact to an organisation’s “bottom-line”
  • tangible benefits to both individual & organisation
  • improves individual added value

Copiae’s approach

The PAL™ Executive Coaching program is based on a structured framework, within which flexible objectives are agreed. A seasoned and dedicated personal coach will work with an individual confidentially to secure improvements in their performance. The coach will explore with the individual a situation of their choosing and use various methods and tools.

A typical approach is:

  • A “no obligation” meeting to discuss objectives and to formulate an outline program. The client ensures that there is good “chemistry” with the coach. A proposal is put forward to the sponsor (e.g. to the MD for one of his/her managers).
  • On acceptance of the proposal a meeting is arranged, to agree final details of the program, and how success is to be measured. Client and coach begin to discuss priorities and how meetings will be scheduled.
  • A series of sessions are held (usually up to 2 hours each). Typically there will be up to 6 in a first phase.
  • Progress is reviewed informally with the client, and program successes to date agreed. Any new/amended aims are agreed.
  • A second series of sessions are held.
  • A final formal evaluation meeting is held with the sponsor & client to agree overall program successes

Among the tools that might be used are:

  • Personality profiling.
  • Team profiling
  • 360 degree appraisal
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Reflection notes
  • Action learning sets


“I have found our sessions to be invaluable and have really helped me to focus on my own performance and to review and plan my office structure and strategy to achieve the best results possible. Your ability to help me see through problems and to explore and develop my own action plans has been really enlightening.”

Gary, Regional Managing Director

“Coaching has given me the ability to do things I never thought I could do. It’s helping me develop massively.”

Steve, IT Manager

“Copiae encouraged me to identify some unique insights into future possibilities which helped me clarify what I wanted to achieve. He also supported me in unraveling my thinking which enabled me to get buy-in from a disparate group of people to my project.”

Ray, CEO

“Our coaching sessions have really given me a shot in the arm. I now feel I can tackle anything.”

Sarah, Company Director

“I felt under enormous pressure, but Copiae helped me focus on agreed objectives. His support kept me going, and motivated me to succeed. It was great to have someone to talk to who did not have an axe to grind.”

Paul, CEO

“I am very pleased with the progress made. I feel more confident and can organise my time better. This was achieved by you understanding what I wanted.”

Peter, Managing Director of a new SME

“Bob is helping me realise my potential, plus adding value through experienced insights. I have suggested to my boss that he considers Bob coaching him”.

Gavin, Finance Manager

Coaching 1

PAL™ Executive Coaching benefits include:

  • Cost effective in time and resources
  • Has a direct impact on performance in the workplace
  • Improves personal effectiveness and helps to achieve goals
  • Promotes performance improvement through real life incidents as they happen
  • Improves ability to manage and cope with change within the workplace
  • Provides a confidential sounding board for senior executives
  • Can promote a more collaborative and team focused style of leadership
  • Ensures learning is transferred and embedded into the workplace
  • Cascades learning through the recipient to their own team
  • Brings the experience of an external objective coach to the organisation
  • Provides a clearer understanding of the competences impacting on performance
  • Supports succession planning

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