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Case Studies

Coaching | Training and development

Coaching case study

The issue:

A Marketing Director of a Financial Services company had been newly appointed to a large team leadership role. The learner had concerns about sufficiency of “management” experience and preparedness for the tasks ahead. The learner wanted to have a “confidant” to discuss these issues and through coaching gain confidence to tackle the role.

What we did:

We agreed the following set of objectives with the learner:

  1. Review jobholder beliefs about skills/abilities and compare to actual views of senior colleagues.
  2. Assess learner's key skills e.g. team management, time planning, priority assessing, etc., and to benchmark against best practice.
  3. Consider management “style” options and decide how best to run the reporting team to get maximum productivity.

A programme of 12 x 2 hour sessions was agreed, supplemented by a 360-degree review amongst senior colleagues and a team managers survey about current management style and areas for improvement.

The benefits:

The outcomes were as follows:

  1. The leaner gained invaluable insights into how colleagues saw him, his strengths and areas for improvement.
  2. Self limiting beliefs were “challenged” and personal confidence increased dramatically.
  3. Key management skills were reviewed against best practice and changes accepted.
  4. Team management insights were unearthed from the survey and insights from the coach. The learner revised his key skills, and secured the support of his managers.

The client has recently been awarded a large bonus for a 1st class performance, and has just been given a bigger management role. Coaching has enabled the individual to reach out to his potential.

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